A Well-being Programme Tailored to Suit Your Needs in Southwest London

We all experience stress. When a situation presents itself as unpredictable, fearful, unpleasant, threatening and beyond our control, our spontaneous reaction can be either to fight or flee. Such responses, however, do not resolve the long term issue of stress. 

The mind understands nothing; it doesn't get any wiser. The problem remains unresolved and shelved as unfinished business that will fascinate the mind and lie in wait to be triggered. We cannot stop thinking about it. Nor can we stop recycling the painful past or worrying about the future. The negative thoughts give rise to negative feelings and emotions. More thoughts follow. The mind becomes confused and cannot see the way out.

Mindskills4life aims to help you undo the causes of stress through the understanding of both:

- The psycho-biology of stress, and

- The nature of the mind - by observing thoughts, feelings, emotions and perceptions and being mindful of what the mind is doing. With regular practice, the mind will come to understand things as the way they are - thus be able to let go of negative thinking and emotions, leaving you feeling more at peace and happier.

Listen to your mind, watch your mind, understand your mind - for your peace of mind!

Customised stress management coaching, whether on a 1-1 basis or in group sessions, can be arranged to suit your needs. 

For more information, please contact:

Kamontip Evans, MA (Education), MSc (Psycho-biology of Stress)

E-mail: mindskills4life@gmail.com

See also: www.tamingthetruantmind.co.uk  and  www.londontherapyfoundation.com