Kamontip Evans

Kamontip Evans is a former university lecturer and radio programme producer. She has a BA in Libral Arts from Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, and an MA in Education from the University of Detroit and an MSc in the Psychobiology of Stress from Roehampton University. Her other qualifications include: diplomas in clinical hypnotherapy and stress management and a certificate in listening skills. She has been a guest speaker at the Mind Body and Spirit Festival and the Mind Body and Soul Exhibition in London and at the Science of the Mind Festival in Bangkok. Kamontip has a keen interest  in the science of meditation and runs meditation classes,. Her MSc research thesis, entitled Can Mindfulness Meditation restore verbal memory in menopausal women?, showed the beneficial effects of mindfulness meditation on menopausal symptoms, especially in sleeping problems.

Kamontip writes a  blog on mindfulness meditation for the Huffington Post - see here. Her book, Taming the Truant Mind: How Mindfulness Will Free You From Troublesome Thoughts and Emotions, has recently been published and is available on Amazon, as below: